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Sybil: Castle of Death is a black comedy/horror themed strategy-tower defense game with a unique twist on the usual tower defense formula

What is the unique element? Each enemy wave will have their story!
In this game your job is to protect the room with Sybil's coffin,you have to kill all enemies before they reach the ritual room,and you can achieve this by setting traps,casting magic,and summoning monster

You will win the wave if you kill all enemies that entered your castle,and it's game over if they reach the coffin room.

Sybil's castle will be the place of many horror and dead! Play this horror themed strategy-tower defense game now!

This is a demo version and the game is still under development,features included on this version are:
- 3 enemy waves to play
- 3 types of enemy
- randomized enemy personality
- randomized enemy sprite
- 3 traps to set
- 1 magic to cast
- 1 monster to summon
- A dynamic time system

Note: This demo doesn't represent the final build of the game,the game is slated to be released in 2015.

Below we list the features that we plan to include in the final game:

- 20 levels
- 33 types of enemy
- more than 90 enemy spritesets
- 10 traps
- 5 magics
- 6 monsters
- many upgrade features

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Install instructions

Download the APK of the game and install it on your Android devices.


Sybil - Castle of Death Demo.apk 48 MB

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